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Have you been searching for a new approach to your health? At Modern Medicine, Dr. Gallegos NMD provides holistic and integrative medicine. This takes into account eastern and western medicine techniques and philosophies giving you the best of both worlds.

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Integrative Primary Care Approach

Our goal at Modern Medicine is to help our patients achieve a higher level of health and general well being through the highest level of care possible. That includes learning everything about our patients from their relationships to previous health conditions, nutrition, exercise habits and more.

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Integrative Primary care differences

Nutrition Coaching

Our incredible nutrition coaching focuses on your physical health in order to set a perfect foundation for emotional and spiritual well-being. One-on-one customized programs are developed based on previous conditions, food sensitivities, and more! But that's just the beginning! The goal is to find out what foods your body needs and remove those that it doesn't need. When you know how to listen and respond accordingly with simple steps towards optimal wellness, any ailments (e.g., depression or fatigue) just won't stand a chance against your body in its peak condition.

Integrative Primary care differences

Annual Wellness Checkups

Healthy living is part of the natural course of life. Wellness checkups are an essential measure to track and maintain this important goal for each individual. Modern Medicine makes it easy to get checked up with just one visit that provides a wide variety of tests throughout the year, coupled with your personalized program tailored to your lifestyle needs, giving you everything that you need in order to maintain balance and sustainability.

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What is Integrative Primary Care?

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There is no SINGLE pill or therapy that can help you feel better. Here at Modern Medicine AZ, we focus on fully understanding our patients, treating the root cause of the disease, and supporting each patient in order to help the body heal itself. To do this, we utilize different therapies including pharmaceutical and natural medications, nutrition and diet, supplements, acupuncture, IV therapy, and physical medicine. Our unique approach to health can help patients suffering from high blood pressure to chronic pain and is customized for each patient

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What does integrative medicine primary care Offer For Me?

Integrative Primary Care offers a unique approach that takes into account as many variables as possible that can contribute to your overall health. That means we often find ways to improve your overall health and find root causes rather than treating symptoms.

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What can I expect during my first Integrative Medicine Primary Care appointment?

During your first appointment you can expect our providers to spend up to 60 minutes getting to know you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level in order to assess your overall health. From there we will also assess other factors including your sleep schedule, stress management, nutrition and exercise habits.

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Who Is Integrative primary Care for?

Integrative Primary Care at Modern Medicine is for everybody! We believe in providing top-notch healthcare and primary care for people of all walks of life.

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what does integrative primary care treat?

The purpose of integrative primary care is to help our patients reach their health goals and reduce their reliance on short-term fixes. At Modern Medicine we believe that our physical health is directly correlated to our relational, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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