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Have you been searching for a new approach to your health? At Modern Medicine, Dr. Gallegos NMD provides holistic and integrative medicine. This takes into account eastern and western medicine techniques and philosophies giving you the best of both worlds.

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Experience anti-aging solutions without injections or surgery!

 - Numiere is thesolution to ALL of your skin care concerns. Dark spots? Acne?Sun Damage? Fine Lines? Wrinkles? We have you covered with just one treatment!
- Numiere is an innovative device thatcombines LED light with Infrared light and Microcurrent Facial Toning Treatmentall into one handheld device.
- Numiere Plususes 4 LED lights; Red for fine lines and wrinkles, Blue for acne andblemishes, Green for sun spots and uneven skin tone, and Light Blue for a quickfix treatment of the 3 lights combined with Infrared Light for enhancedresults. 
- Numiere Plusalso uses Micro-Current, which produces currents of electricity on the cellularlevel.  Think of a non-surgical face-lift, the EMS (electric MuscleStimulation) will lift and tighten your skin and also reduce fine lines andwrinkles.


Numiere Plus is yournew solution to achieving painless, quick, easy, and cost effective anti-agingresults.
-Used for all overbody treatment.
-Combination of LEDlight and infrared for faster longer lasting results. 
-FDA Cleared.
-Supported bytechnology developed by NASA.

Contact Mod Med Az,for a free 15 minute evaluation today to evaluate if Numiere is right for you.We also offer vacuum therapy, laser lipo and wood therapy or a combination oftreatments that are entirely tailored to target your concerns.

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